Why hire a professional Las Vegas Wedding DJ?

Every wedding in Las Vegas requires exceptional entertainment. You can’t invite a number of guests without providing music for them and a dance floor. There are usually two options for wedding entertainment: DJ or band. There are a number of reasons why you should hire a professional DJ for your Las Vegas wedding compared to a band.

1. Personality
A DJ not only provides music, but they also provide their personality. This can encourage people who tend to be more shy to get on the dance floor and have fun. It also keeps people laughing and enjoying themselves. Bands typically don’t have the same personality that comes with a professional DJ.

2. Endless amount of music
With a band, you must listen to the songs on their set list. Sure, you and your guests can request certain songs, but there’s no guarantee that the band will be able to play it. A band is also limited by genre. A band may not be able to play a popular hip hop or electronic song. A DJ can play virtually any song you and your guests can request. Even if they don’t have it handy, most professional DJs have the capability to download the song quickly.

3. Price
Bands are extremely expensive. Bands have multiple members, and every member of the band must get paid. DJs are simply less expensive. They only consist of one person. Also, they don’t have to charge for their instrumental expertise.

4. Easy set up and mobility
Weddings require music at several times. You can require music during the wedding itself, dinner, and the reception. A band can have difficulty setting up in several locations. A DJ can set up and move to the next location of the wedding simply without having to pack and move instruments and numerous people. A DJ set up also requires less space than a band. This allows for more room for your guests to dance and maneuver around the venue.

5. No lag in between songs
Most bands will need to set up music before they can play. During the dancing portion of your reception, this can create unwanted time in between songs that can throw a hammer into the energetic mood of the moment. This means that some people may decide to sit down instead of partaking in dancing. Nothing is worse than a wedding where the guests don’t want to dance. With a DJ, the next song is ready before the current one is done playing. It will be playing in just a second, and everyone will remain energized and ready to dance.

6. Back up
If a band member has an emergency, it’s like the band is missing a limb. The missing member will be noticeable, and the music simply won’t be as good. Luckily, a professional DJ will have a backup plan in place to make sure that you get the great service that you deserve. You will be stressed enough as it is on your wedding day, and you don’t need to worry about what happens if your DJ can’t make it.

7. Sound quality
Different venues have different acoustic needs. Unfortunately, some venues may not be the best environment for a band to sound their best. In this case, the band can’t do much to change their sound to provide the best music. Luckily, a DJ can manipulate their equipment to provide music at the best volume and sound quality possible.

8. Las Vegas feel
Las Vegas is a town that loves professional DJs. Therefore, in Vegas, a Dj is what fits the areas best, and it’s what your guests will expect. When you choose Vegas as the place for your wedding, you want to embody the area to the best of your ability.

A Las Vegas wedding is special and beautiful. Your guests will also expect great entertainment, and a professional DJ is the best way to keep your guests dancing all night long.

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