How to Become a DJ?

A Simple Guide on How to Become a DJ

Instead of waiting tables, you can turn tables as a DJ. The following steps will give you a better idea on how to become a DJ:

1. Know what type of DJ you want to be.

There are different DJs in the industry, such as radio show DJs and club DJs. Determine which type you want to become. This will help you determine the right learning path for you.

2. Test run the DJ lifestyle.

You can use DJ software to test out your music-making skills and see if deejaying is right for you.

3. Learn the basics.

The basics are the foundation of success. Study and master the basics of deejaying, such as music beats. Books and videos about deejaying are popular starters for aspiring DJs.

4. Create a repertoire of music.

Experienced DJs have a big collection of music that they use to mix or play during events. Start building your own collection while you study the basics. Your music collection will also serve useful when you practice your newfound deejaying skills. Continue adding to your music repertoire, and keep up with new music trends.

5. Make yourself known.

If you want to make deejaying a career, go public. You can start a YouTube channel and share your mixes. You should also consider starting social media pages for your DJ adventure to broaden your reach and attract more attention. By exposing yourself, you’re more likely to get gigs and other opportunities that will help boost your DJ career.

How To Market Yourself As A DJ

Becoming a popular DJ is about far more than having the right equipment and spinning the right tunes. You also need a solid and seamless marketing plan for staying connected with your best customers and finding new clients. Following are seven strategies that will help you promote your growing business effectively and without having to spend a whole lot of cash.

Publish Content That Offers Helpful Information

The majority of your clients and prospective clients are likely bogged down with the countless stresses of event planning. When adding content to your website or blog, think of ways to help people make this process easier. Offer detailed advice on the best local venues that have recently hit the scene, tips for securing quality catering services at an affordable cost, and suggestions for creating a song list that will engage crowds and keep them entertained. You don’t have to be an expert planner to give people tips that they can actually use. Your experience in this arena will give you insights that the majority of your readers won’t already have.

Give Your Clients Incentives For Referring Your Services To Their Friends

Regularly post incentive offers for past clients who refer your services to family members or friends. These can be as simple and low-cost as a small discount on future DJ services or a modest cash reward for every paying referral. Not only will these offers create more positive word-of-mouth advertising for your customers, but they’ll also drive repeat business.

Post Samples Of Your Performances

If you aren’t using video hosting sites to showcase your work, now is definitely the time to start. Create your own channel and ask your clients for permission to upload small clips of you playing at their events. You can bring a trusted friend along to help you with filming. Video hosting sites are excellent platforms for driving interested prospects back to your web pages and they can definitely help you get more local exposure.

Keep In Touch

Like all small business owners and private contractors, your best customers are the ones you already have. Getting repeat business is a lot cheaper than finding new prospects, educating them and attempting to convert them. Stay in contact with these individuals through e-mail marketing campaigns, Facebook updates and via other popular social networking platforms. You can even use customer relationship management (CRM) software to collect information like birthdays and anniversaries. This info will allow you to send out cards, special gifts and personalized offers that keep your business fresh in the minds of your past customers. Even if these individuals never host another event that requires the services of a DJ, reminding them of your brand from time to time can still generate a few quality referrals.

Brag About Your New Equipment

Whether you’re blogging on your website, guest-blogging or simply updating your social networking timeline, be sure to mention any new equipment that you’ve recently added to your cache. This is one of the first features that consumers are advised to check when shopping around for DJ services. When you let people know that you’ve just invested in top-of-the-line sound equipment, you’ll be giving them one more reason to choose you over your competitors.

Marketing your DJ services doesn’t have to be a costly, complicated or unpleasant endeavor. In fact, if you love your industry and enjoy what you do, posting updates and creating new website content or blogs can be enjoyable. Your efforts to share important industry updates, advice on planning unforgettable parties, and images and videos of your skills are virtually guaranteed to provide remarkable payoffs.