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Hey there, Welcome to my website! I’ve been in the DJ business since I was just a kid. I’m most famous out here in Las Vegas, Nevada, so if you’re ever in the valley be sure to check out one of my gigs. I like to keep this resource available for anyone that might want to learn how to become a better DJ or hire me for your nightclub or next gig. Peace out!

The very best DJ…

So you’re going out on the town one night looking to have a good time. Your friends want you to come and check out this DJ, and all you can think is the last time you saw a DJ. It was loud and you couldn’t wrap your head around why everyone was so enthralled by this guy making noise. You decide that it’s a good idea and make the journey out to the club. By the time you get in there, you forget what you were thinking about the last time you saw a DJ and end up having the time of your life. The next morning, you wake up and realize that it wasn’t the DJ, but the music he was playing that really changed the way you thought about it. So what is it that makes a good Las Vegas DJ?

This is a question that is vast and can be answered in any way that isn’t right or wrong, it just simply is. The way people respond to the music is different, so when you can break it down into a specific style, that’s when the magic happens. For example, a good DJ who may be djing something like a Las Vegas wedding DJ will more than likely be focused on keeping a good flow between the songs that really showcases the event. The songs may be a little slower and more sentimental. The flow between songs may not be as important. When you’re at a club, that transition may be a little different. You may end up building up the crowd to a peak much more than you ever would at a wedding and drop unbelievable bass on them, and for that circumstance, it is right for the situation.

If the DJ really wants to pull a crowd’s attention, they have to be tapped into the flow of how the people are feeling at the moment. If they start getting wild, match that vibe. Slow it down and get into a mellow trance if the moment calls for it. Whatever the DJ does, the crowd will react to. If you can meet them where they’re standing, you have a much better chance of making them move.
Make sure to know what blends well with what. Too many times, I’ve been to a club where the DJ just makes poor choices of songs to switch to. This throws the crowd off and people lose interest. It only takes a quick second to lose someone’s attention, so when you have it, keep it. Slow certain songs down to a BPM that matches whatever song it follows. Make sure to do your homework, too. You can’t expect to walk into a club or party and think you’re going to just wing it because you got your gear in the mail.

Make sure to test out all your gadgets and then stick to a couple tricks!! You don’t want to start testing out your new toys when you’re up in front of a crowd of people at a gig. Unless you’re as comfortable with it as you are your most understood gadget in your rig, don’t bother pulling it out. Those Kaos Pads are a lot of fun, but they can also ruin a whole set if you’re not careful.

There are a bunch of things that can make up any good DJ, and not everyone will like every DJ they see. As a DJ, what you can do is just be yourself when you go up there on stage in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world. Interact with the crowd and really bring them into your world, but don’t forget to see where they are and meet them at their level. You can set up your own act and go out and blow people away, but really know what you’re working with. All those bells and whistles can make for some beautiful music, so long as you know how to use them.

Let the music play on.

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